Our Buildings

Building 1 – the pioneer

Floor Area: 40'000 m2
Opening: 2021

Knowledge Transfer Centre:
Engineering competence in life sciences and technological digitalisation

Building 2

Floor Area: 15'000 m2
Opening: open

Supply Chain Competence:
logistics, supply chain management

Building 3

Floor Area: 25'000 m2
Opening: open

Building 4

Floor Area: 10'000 m2
Opening: 2025

Heating Energy Center

Building 5

Floor Area: 30'000 m2
Opening: 2028

Innovation Centre:
Data centre, data analytics, quantum technology

Building 6

Floor Area: 35'000 m2
Opening: open

6a: Polizei Basel-Landschaft (to be realised by the canton)

6p: Parking (Opening: 2028)

Building 7

Floor Area: 2'000 m2
Opening: 2024

Electricity Energy Centre

Building 8

Floor Area: 25'000 m2
Opening: 2025

Innovation Centre: Medical Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing

Building 9

Floor Area: 25'000 m2
Opening: open

Service Providers Specialised In Life Sciences