Our values

Living Entrepreneurship

For us, entrepreneurship not only means thinking and acting in an entrepreneurial way. It is an attitude to life that encourages us to constantly keep coming up with new ideas. The new builds on the old. We are not afraid to use our creativity to take conventional structures apart and use their component parts as a basis for innovation.

We Act With Commitment

We are proactive and courageous driven by curiosity. We are tenacious, never losing sight of our ambition to lead in word and deed.

We Promote Innovation

Our aim is to promote innovation in the way people think, in the way they work together, in processes, and in technology. We want to do nothing less than reinvent industry, anticipate trends, and actively shape not just our future, but the future of all.

We Respect Our Heritage

To develop new things we must reference the achievements of the past. We value the work of those who have come before us, drawing inspiration from them for those who come after us.

Living Exchange

We see ourselves as a community that shares knowledge, expertise and values. Innovations and community-building services are the products of ongoing exchange. We offer the space and create the structures that nurture it.

We Set the Framework

Community structures are essential if we are to live our liberty and creativity. We see ourselves as a community that abides by conviction to rules that allow us to work and function in the best way for the job at hand.

We Offer Support

We create space for the community that we want to see flourish here. This space should offer everything needed to support and encourage discussion and debate – and from it creation and innovation. We work hard to dismantle barriers.

We See Ourselves As a Hub

We provide a hub for the many ways that people interact with each other. In that togetherness, we enjoy camaraderie, promote communication, and are always coming up with something fresh. We see the diversity of people and their views as the wellspring of motivation, creation and innovation.

Living Empathy

To us, behaving empathetically means taking responsibility – in our relationship with stakeholders, in what we do in the neighbourhood and the broader environment, and in the way we take care of resources and the natural world. Our well-developed empathy allows us to read the decisions and activities of those around us, and to act with an eye to the future.

We Take Care

In the way we treat others we make an effort to build trust. We treat each other honestly and respectfully, are approachable, and do not hesitate to give a smile.

We look After the Environment

We see ourselves as part of a system in which every element affects what we and others do. We feel connected with our colleagues, with our neighbours, with Switzerland and with the world.

We Stand For Sustainability

Sustainability is important in all of its forms, and in all that we do. Far-sightedness comes from a respectful focus on our social, economic and environmental responsibility.